Are you impacted by the new Google search algorithm update for freshness of content

Google completed its Caffeine web indexing system in 2010, which allows crawling and indexing  the web for fresh content quickly on an enormous scale. Drawing upon the  Caffeine infrastructure, Google has made what it calls a significant improvement to search ranking algorithm.

Google  announced  on 3 November 2011  a new search algorithm change which rewards ‘fresh content’.  Google claims to have rolled out a major  enhancement to its ranking algorithm  designed to yield more up-to-date relevant results for the following types of searches dependent on freshness :
1.    Breaking news or trending topics : when you search for current events like ‘confidence vote in Greece parliament’ you want to see up to the minute news, not a commentary which is days old. With this algorithm change, you should see more high-quality and freshest pages.

2.    recurring events : Events like Olympics, elections to parliament and conferences take place on recurring basis. When you search for ‘election results’, you are really looking for latest update to the elections that just took place, not the results of elections held 10 years ago.

3.    When most up to date content is relevant : information related to products or technology, places, politicians, and the like change frequently. When you search for ‘best compact digital cameras’, obviously you are looking for the latest cameras.
Google maintains that the search algorithm update will impact about 35% of searches.
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