SEO for Google Search Plus Your World

After the success of Search Plus Your World , Google would surely fine-tune its algorithms to  introduce weighted social search signals into Google’s public web search results.

Google organic search was about finding the relevant results for anybody. Google Search Plus Your World is about finding the best results for you.

SEO in 2012 has become all about creating content that motivates people to share via by links or by circles. The conclusion is that you should put effort in optimizing your Google Plus Page, add Google Plus buttons on your web properties, like a Google +1 button to your WordPress blog posts and pages.

SEO for  Google+ Page

Search Plus Your World  makes it more important to create and focus on optimizing your Google Plus Page

Title or name of your Google+ Page :  use a business name, or keywords  in your Google+ Page’s Name section

Meta Description: You should include your keywords in description, and it may help you rank better in Search Plus Your World.

Photos : here you can add 5 main photos that would whenever someone looks at your Google Plus Page and could show up Search Plus Your World results . You can add keywords in photos.

Recommended Links : add  links that are relevant to business/brand/company, such as your website, Facebook Page, Blog. Use keywords as anchor text.

Introduction :
Describe your services/products. Here is a chance to put in your main keywords subtly.

Link Building

Build links to your Google+ Page with your keyword in your anchor text . Write guest posts with your Google Plus Page link in your author bio with a rel=”publisher” or rel=”author”

Update Frequently
Frequent updates in your Google+ Page (once or twice a week) will indicate that page is active. Fresh content is now part of Google’s algorithm, and so an active Google+ Page will help put it up in Search Plus Your World.

Promote your Google+ Page

Focus on building the number of people who add your Google Plus Page in their  circles.

Google has indicated that gaining +1s can help improve your ranking for those who have directly +1ed your content, as well as for those they are connected to. Should it appear for those who aren’t connected it will show  an overall +1 count for your page. This will help in click throughs.

Google Search Plus Your World explained

Google’s search results have been influenced by social signals to a limited extent  for years . To give a brief history, Google launched Social Search in October 2009 :

Google builds a social circle of your friends using the connections linked from your public Google profile, such as the people you’re following on Twitter or FriendFeed.  Chat buddies and contacts in your groups from Gmail,  some websites from your Google Reader  subscriptions are included in your social circle.

At that time Social Search was segregated from regular listings.  Google would provide  relevant public content from your friends and contacts and highlighted it for you at the bottom of your search results.

This further evolved in February 2011. Google’s social search results were blended into regular results in Febrary 2011 and grew to include not just content created by those you know but also content shared by them through a many social networks.

Notes were  added for links people have shared on Twitter and other sites. Content shared on Twitter, Google Reader, Quora, and other sites you and your contacts have listed in your Google Profiles are used by Google. A new Google Account setting allows you to add social networking accounts to your Google Profile while keeping the connections private.

Google Plus Buttons were launched  in June 2011. Larry Page has announced that 90 million users have signed up to Google Plus since launch : compelling evidence that Google Plus buttons are growing in importance.

What is Search Plus Your World

On 1/10/2012, Google announced roll out of Search Plus Your World,

Three new features have been introduced in social search:

1.    Personal Results, : Google will show  results personalized for yourself, such as Google+ photos and posts—both your own and those shared specifically with you,
2.     Profiles in Search,  auto-complete and results, will suggest profiles of people you’re close to or might be interested in following;
3.    People and Pages,  this will suggest  people profiles and Google+ pages related to a specific topic or area of interest, and you can choose follow them with just a few clicks.

Search plus Your World is available to people who are signed in and searching on in English. E.g., it has not been rolled out to

With Search Plus Your World, by default, there’s a new “Personal Results” view that appears. The view personalizes the listings you get based on both your own behavior and social connections. Now it includes content that’s been shared with you through the Google+ social network :   public Google+ posts, photos or Google Picasa photos  and private or “Limited” Google+ posts, photos or Google Picasa photos shared with you

You’ll be alerted that personalized results are appearing when you see one or both of the indicators :

•    a message that  says that there are “x personal results and xxx other results”
•    new toggle that allows you to switch between personalized and unpersonalized results.

Search Plus Your World doesn’t cover content on Facebook, Twitter, Flick, or other social networks  content might be shared to private audience.

You can opt-out permanently through the Search Settings area on Google. You can also opt-out on a per-search basis using the aforementioned toggle. Click on the globe symbol, and you’ll see unpersonalized results.

Your Search Plus Your World results are hidden behind https:// and no keywords will be linked to your search in any analytics programs.

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