Synergize your Link Building and Content Marketing


Webmasters and SEOs have been in despair ever since Google unleashed a series of algorithms link Penguin and manual penalties to fight against what it deems spamming the search results.  All the easy methods of link building are dead.

Google has consistently maintained it wants to show the most relevant results to the user, not pages which have thin content and are ranked on top because of link building designed to game the search results.

Users and search engines will always reward original, useful and relevant content.

When you build in SEO into your Content Marketing, you will attract natural links as well as rank in search results for long tail keywords.

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Facebook has killed Page as a marketing tool

Facebook used to be the focus of social media marketers. Companies spent money to acquire fans for the Facebook Page. Now the dream run is over. From the beginning  of 2014 businesses noticed the organic reach of their posts had fallen to single digits.
reach of facebook page posts

The criticism started mounting, forcing Facebook to admit on 5 June 2014 that it had tweaked its news feed algorithm to show best posts and remove spam.  It pointed out that there is far more content now than can be shown in a users news feed. Naturally competition has grown and only high quality content would be shown.

On 14 November, Facebook announced that “Overly Promotional Page Posts in News Feed” will be reduced starting January 2015. Pages that post promotional creative should expect their organic distribution to fall significantly over time.  It specifically defined promotional posts as these :

  • Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app
  • Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context
  • Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads

If you want to promote your business on Facebook, you have to pay. Should businesses give up on their Facebook Page? Not necessarily. Read here for tips on social media marketing on Facebook

How to Respond to Negative SEO Extortion Email

negative-seo-extortion452x300No, this is not a joke. Mass negative SEO extortion emails being sent to website owners, webmasters have been reported recently. The emails claim that the sender will destroy the site’s ranking in Google and other search engines if the website owner does not pay up $1,500 to the diabolical SEO
Google’s stance on negative SEO has changed from the earlier “almost nothing a competitor can do to harm your ranking or have your site removed from our index,” to now admitting that “Google works hard to prevent other webmasters from being able to harm your ranking or have your site removed from our index.” This implies that negative SEO can indeed wreck havoc on its victim.
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Google Updates Local Search Algorithm – Local SEO gets boost

google-local-pigeon-results-500Google has released a new algorithm to provide a more useful, relevant and accurate local search results that are tied more closely to traditional web search ranking signals. The changes will be visible within the Google Maps search results and Google Web search results. Search Engine Land calls it the Pigeon update.

It impacts local search results rankings and some local businesses may notice an increase or decrease in web site referrals, leads and business from the change.
Google says that the new local search algorithm ties deeper into their web search capabilities, including the hundreds of ranking signals they use in web search along with search features such as Knowledge Graph, spelling correction, synonyms and more.

In addition, Google said that this new algorithm improves their distance and location ranking parameters.
The new algorithm is currently rolling out for US English results and aims to provide a more useful and relevant experience for searchers seeking local results. Google didn’t share any details about if and when the update would roll out more widely in other countries and languages. Read more

Google rolls out My Business

Google rolls out My Business
Have you lost your Places for Business listing?

Google_My_BusinessGoogle announced on 11 June the launch of new platform for SMBs. The new Google My Business is supposed to make getting found online easier for local businesses as well as brands. It is a unified interface for Google+ Local and Places for Business, to Update your business info, share news, events and updates with customers, and respond to Google reviews of your company.

Interestingly, it has also released Google My Business Android app and Insights, similar to Facebook Insights for pages. Insights shows post  and profile data over time : views, clicks, interactions.  Interactions  includes number of actions taken : +1 clicks, shares and comments on posts. Audience section gives you number of new followers, breakdown of countries and he gender and age of your total followers. Read more