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In April 2010, Facook announced three social plugins: Like, Activity and Recommendations plug ins, Open Graph Protocol, and Graph API.
Facebook “Liked By Your Friends” feature is now integrated into Bing organic search results. To see the integration at work, you have to be logged into your facebook account.  When you search in Bing, depending on the search terms, you could see a new Liked By Your Friends section within your search results. In this, you will see links which have been “Liked” by your connections or friends on Facebook.

Hitherto, you would see only results based on their ranking computed by Bing’s search algorithm. Bing claims it uses 1,000 factors, while Google says it uses 200 signals. If a particular page was not ranked high enough, because of SEO factors like number of incoming links, it would not show in the first couple of pages, and you would never see it.  Now if your friends have hit the “like it” button for the page, it will show up in Liked By Your Friends section. Hopefully, this is content you can trust because your friends have recommended it, and Bing’s results have become relevant.  This is somewhat like Google’s personalized search results.
Privacy feature : When Bing shows a user the notification, none of the social features are working – so Bing notifies and gives an option to say “No Thanks” before any results are personalized.
This is surely one compelling reason for business to create page for their business in Facebook and promote it on their website with a “like” button.
There could be two reasons why Facebook has partnered with Bing, rather than the leader Google. First is that Microsoft owns a stake in Facebook, and second, Microsoft already has a deal on search with Facebook.
Facebook’s Open Graph, launched earlier this year places social data in public domain. So in fact Google too can access that data. But Bing’s deal gives it access to richer data like ‘stream’.
Read the Bing official announcement at New Signals in Search: The Bing Social Layer
Open Graph protocol
The Open Graph protocol enables you to integrate your Web pages into the social graph. It is currently designed for Web pages representing profiles of real-world things — things like movies, sports teams, celebrities, and restaurants. Including Open Graph tags on your Web page, makes your page equivalent to a Facebook Page
People Search on Bing is now Powered By Facebook
If you search for people on Bing, you will now see a new “People on Facebook” section, provided you are logged into your facebook account. This section lists  people that Facebook thinks are a close match to the person you looking for.  It will show how many mutual (more correctly, common) friends you share, along with the facility to send a facebook ‘add as friend’ request.
This is a direct competition to Google Profile Results, and far more powerful, since very few people have created their Google Profile page, while Facebook has 500 million users.

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