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Small and Medium Business Enterprises do not have the bandwidth or resources to do full fledged Digital Marketing. They manage to maintain a website and have a token presence in social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
As a business owner or Chief Marketing Officer, you know the importance of and profit potential of marketing your business through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing (paid Ads). The big digital agencies charge a bomb and you are concerned about managing multiple small agencies or freelancers for managing the  various aspects of Digital Marketing.
Realizing the need of SMEs, Ananya SEO Services, a full service Digital Marketing Agency, offers an integrated package. It includes all the essentials of internet marketing.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :
1.    Technical SEO : indexing, duplicate content, broken links, crawl issues, mobile friendliness, site speed, sitemaps
2.    Content  SEO (on-site optimization) : Keyword discovery, keyword targeting in content, title tags, heading tags, image optimization
3.    Off-site SEO : Google My Business listing, NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) reference checks, Links Audit, Link building
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
1.    Social Media Strategy
2.    Defining & Measuring Goals
3.    Creating Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter business profiles
4.    Regular posting of engaging content
5.    Managing advertizing on these platforms through text ads and sponsored updates
Search Engine Marketing (PPC Services)
Our Adwords Services include:
•    Keyword research and selection
•    Setting up Google Adwords campaigns
•    Geo-targeting
•    Google Analytics Setup
•    Writing copy for Ads (Text Ads)
•    Landing Page Optimization
•    Conversion Tracking
•    Continuous monitoring of campaigns
•    Monthly Reporting.
The above package is offered at affordable price points and is customizable.
SEO team, Advertizing  and Social Media Marketing teams cannot work in silos. If you integrate SEO into your Content Marketing campaign, you will gain brand visibility, increased organic traffic and conversions.
Ananya SEO Company will work with you to create a plan for Integrated Digital  Marketing and execute it successfully and deliver ROI.
About Ananya SEO Services
Ananya SEO Services is a leading Internet Marketing company based in Bangalore. We provide Search Engine Marketing services : Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Adwords Advertising services. We also get small businesses online with our integrated website development and SEO at a very affordable price. Ananya was founded in 2009.

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