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SEO is changing rapidly, and one of the biggest forces driving those changes is the increasing importance of  social media. Search engines  change to deliver increased user satisfaction.
In Google’s case, this is measured by click-through rates, low bounce rates, and a variety of other metrics. Google’s sources for this data include: Google Analytics, the Google Toolbar, Custom Search Engines, and user behavior within the search engine itself.
With Bing and Facebook pushing new and innovative ideas, such as such as Bing Social Layer : Facebook “Liked By Your Friends” feature integrated into Bing organic search results  the pressure on Google is enormous.
Leverage Social Behavior for SEO
References to your site on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter provide signals to the search engines. There are also user reviews, forum posts, complaints, blog postings, news articles, etc.
You must focus on providing a positive user experience on your web site.
website optimization (Google website Optimizer is a free tool) is now an important part of SEO.
Traditional SEO thinking would tell us that should be used sparingly, and that text is king. People do not spend long period of time on sites that are text only. videos and graphics should be used to enhance user experience.

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