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After Yahoo and Bing announced their partnership for PPC advertising and organic search services in 2009, the landscape of internet search engines, their ranking order and nature of SEO work required of webmasters has changed dramatically.
Up till now, webmasters had to contend with four major search engines – Google, Yahoo, ASK and MSN. With the release of Microsoft’s Bing in 2009, the market shares Google and Yahoo went down by few percentage points. In July 2010, comScore reported  Google share of searches in US at  65% with Yahoo far behind at 16.7%.
Microsoft’s Bing search engine got 11 percent share.
In August 2010, Bing and Yahoo announced the transition of search infrastructure of Yahoo to Bing for results in English in North America – U.S and Canada. Users in these two countries will see ‘powered by Bing’ in small point size when they search in Yahoo  for Web pages,  image, and video on both desktop and mobile devices. The two companies, Yahoo and Bing, have not announced roll out dates for other countries, but by the year 2012, expect search queries in Yahoo to be driven by Bing index for all countries.
Coming next is the transition of Yahoo search ad accounts to Microsoft’s adCenter.  Forged 13 months ago, the 10-year search partnership will see Microsoft’s Bing technology powering Yahoo search and Yahoo will become the worldwide sales arm for both companies’ premium search advertisers.
But Yahoo has not yielded the search space completely to Bing. It contends that despite transition, it remains a search engine. While the SERP pages will come from the Bing index, the way the results are presented in Yahoo will be slightly different from Bing. Yahoo supplements Bing’s search results with content gained via various partnerships with third parties other than Microsoft.
Yahoo and Bing are in the midst of discussions to decide the future of Yahoo’s Site Explorer SEO tool for backlinks research, and submit feeds such as xml sitemaps.
Ananya SEO Company is well prepared to handle the impact of Yahoo / Bing merger on SEO
The major impact will be that a site with good listing in Yahoo’s organic results will see a drop if it is equally well ranked in Microsoft. Conversely, if site was ranked better in Bing than Yahoo, post merger it will enjoy good rankings in Yahoo too.
Webmaster need to become experts in SEO techniques for Bing, if they want to be ranked high in the 28% of organic search queries that Yahoo / Bing combine will command.
SEO Techniques for MSN Bing
1. Use unique and relevant meta <title> tag for each page. Same for the <meta> description tag. The tag should use the targeted keywords for the specific respective page
2. Use <h1> header tag only once within your <body> content. Header should contain up to two targeted keywords. Use <h2> header tags for sub-sections with relevant keywords.
3. Anchor text helps define the theme of a linked page. Associate a keyword or two for the linked page.
4. Use human-friendly page file names with keywords for URLs. Words should be separated by hyphens (-), not underscores
5. Avoid  scripted processes or linked images for site navigation
6. Work to get quality inbound links from other sites to yours. Quality means anchor text of link should relevant, linking site should preferably be relevant to your site theme, and avoid link farms
7. Use the new, powerful Bing Webmaster Tools
It offers similar features to Google Webmaster Tools :

  • Submit and authenticate sites
  • Submit xml sitemaps
  • Impressions, and clicks (Organic search traffic) history for six months. It has cool charts but you need to install silverlight
  • A plus over Google tools is the Index Explorer. It shows number of pages indexed (history chart is a nice touch), individual URLs indexed
  • Crawl issues
  • Search queries, impressions & clicks

What Bing toolbox lacks is :

  • Geographic targeting of entire website or sub-domains or folders
  • Back links to your site. For back-links, Google does not fully reveal number of back-links discovered and gives only a sample list of links
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