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Search Engine Marketing | PPC Advertising

   Our goal for paid search advertising is to maximize your return on investment. Our PPC strategy is designed to achieve your desired online marketing objectives, whether they are to get a top position in search engines for a specific search query, reduce your cost per click, target more relevant traffic, our aim is to lower your cost per acquisition to ensure that your paid search investment is as profitable as possible.

We will choose the best Ad networks based on your user profile and actual ad performance data. The leading PPC (pay-per-click) channels are Google Ads (Formerly Adwords), Yahoo Advertising, Bing Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We will investigate and select the platforms which best meet your objectives.
We establish with each of our clients what they want to achieve from a paid advertising campaign- e.g. sales, telephone calls, newsletter sign ups, contact us form submissions or other forms of customer leads- and what our client is prepared to pay for each sale or conversion, i.e. the maximum CPA (cost per acquisition).

We then have a short testing phase for the campaign during which time we test, measure and optimise the campaigns so as to establish actual CPAs for the campaigns which we will then aim to improve further. We are then able to recommend a strategy to maximize the campaign’s performance, which is further tested, analysed and optimised. This would include testing and optimizing Quality Score, Ad Designs, Ad text copy, and landing pages, Ad Delivery (timing and frequency).
Your PPC campaign will be managed by a Google Adwords Search Advertising certified individual.

Why you should outsource your Pay-per-click Advertising

PPC platforms like Google Ads (formerly Adwords) seem very simple. They look very easy to set up and offer many automated functions based on advances in machine-learning. Ad platforms keep releasing new features regularly and it is very difficult for an in-house PPC manager to keep up with the developments.
A full time PPC manager is very expensive, and may take leave, during which the campaigns are unattended. She is also likely to quit any time, leaving you stranded.

A PPC agency like ours is fully immersed in digital marketing. Handling multiple clients, we are abreast of latest developments. Typically an agency charges 10 – 15% of the ad spend, which works out to less than cost of your own employee.

Google Ads offers several automated bidding options : such as target for cost per acquisition (CPA), Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), ranking above specific competitors and Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC). But Adwords is not aware of changes in marketing context of your company. It cannot predict seasonality pattern, flash sales offers, media buzz, etc. specific to your business.

Google itself, in a whitepaper, suggests that the AI based smart bidding algorithms need time to update their predictions and to achieve best performance. Hence managers should adjust the targets during periods of change when Google’s expected conversion rate will not be close to the actual conversion rate .

In short, you cannot set up Ad campaigns once and leave them to run unmonitored in bliss.

Discover the power of Lead Generation Advertising

We can run Lead Generation campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Adwords and Twitter to get qualified leads. Customers can express interest in your services, offers, and products by submitting a form right within the social platform. The form is already pre-populated with their personal details, lie name and email.
With Google Adwords, attract customers on Google and display network, like Gmail, to register on your website to download a whitepaper or ask more details about your product, schedule a demo and more. Conversion Optimization makes it easy to budget your campaign for a targeted lead acquisition cost.

Our Pay-Per-Click Services includes:

  • Comprehensive keyword research
  • Segmentation of target market
  • Targeting Ads based on keywords, Topic, Location, Demographics, Interests
  • Setting up Google Adwords program and other Ad networks
  • Creating winning Ads
  • Ad A/ B testing
  • Optimization of ad budget using pricing strategy
  • Continuous monitoring of campaigns
  • Suggestions to improve landing pages
  • Analytical reports with Cost Per Acquisition and ROI.