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Have your website rankings on Google plummeted despite having done SEO? Your site may have been hit by Google manual penalty or an algorithmic udate, like the latest Penguin version 4.0, due to bad SEO practices. Our Google penalty recovery services will restore site search traffic and rankings.

The old SEO practices no longer work and may well end up harming your site. Ananya SEO Consultants have adapted to the changes in Google and Bing Algorithms, and follow Google Webmaster Guidelines and white hat SEO. When you hire us as your SEO Company, you can trust that we will deliver long term SEO results, and your website rankings will be on top and remain stable.

Google updates like Penguin which penalize spamming or practicing SEO against its guidelines are now continuous. Would you risk your business by engaging a bad SEO consultant ?

Any SEO consultant can claim to do SEO. Most often you will find that it consists of nothing but boiler-plate approach to on-page SEO and easy link building. Only we know what it takes to win in the post-Google Penguin and Panda world. Quick fix link building is dead : now links have to earned, not acquired. Even you can do the on-page elements of meta tags and keywords and so on. What we will do is to make your website stand out in comparison to your competitors so that both visitors and search engines love it.Naturally, top rankings and high organic traffic follows. Google has confirmed that Penguin updates are now continuous. Penguin penalizes websites resorting to link spamming and other illegitimate SEO practices .

Our SEO includes link analysis to prevent any future Google penalty.Winning in organic search results gives small businesses a level playing ground. They can compete effectively against the big boys of the industry without spending mega bucks on traditional forms of advertising. With our proved SEO methodology, your site will rank on top in Google, yahoo and Bing. In keywords that get the highest and relevant traffic : not keywords selected by the SEO vendor, which get you no leads.With Google stamping down hard on what it deems unethical SEO, it would seem that SEO with its aggressive link building is dead. If you retain a SEO vendor who practices ‘black hat’ or unethical SEO, your website may witness initial jump in rakings, but soon it will get hit by Google’s penalty and its rankings will fall disastrously and so will traffic. In such a situation it will take months to recover.We have perfected a state-of-art SEO process that will make your website dominate on search results!

Ananya SEO company follows ethical SEO as per Google guidelines, and will never make false promises. Our approach to SEO is up to date with latest Google algorithm changes. Our SEO is holistic : We will look at your business, current marketing strategy, what your competitors are doing, and assess your online presence. No two companies are the same, and hence a single SEO strategy will not work for all websites. Our SEO is customized for each customer.

Our SEO Services includes keyword research, site architecture review, content writing, on-page optimization, link building, social media optimization, web analytics. When you retain us as your Search Engine Optimization Company, our expert SEO consultant first does a business consultation to map out your industry sector, target audience, your products, competitors and your internet strategy. We then conduct an analysis of your website to baseline current status with respect to search engine ranking, site traffic, number of pages indexed by search engines and incoming links.

Keyword research

We will research keywords using tools for all keyword variations, “buying keywords”, niche or long tail keywords, geographic or regional keywords or industry-sector keywords, related keywords. We then shortlist high potential keywords, which attract high volume of search traffic. This list is mapped against number of competing websites. It is not possible to rank high for top competition keywords in short term. Our keyword strategy plans medium term and long term target keywords. We will target keywords set which will drive the maximum traffic, yet are feasible for getting top ranking.

On-Page SEO

Our team of SEO consultants is expert in on-page and off-page optimization techniques and factors. Our expertise spans : Geographical targeting for SEO, Static and dynamic sites, SEO for international sites. We evaluate your website, list out problems, check incoming links , check missing links, and website design issues which prevent search engines from indexing all pages or following internal links.The target keywords are woven into page content, meta tags, anchor text for hyper links, and page title. Keyword targeting for all pages is key on-page SEO method.

Content Writing
Google HummingBird and RankBrain updates process the most relevant pages based on the intent of the search query, not just individual words. It will show pages which match the meaning of the whole query, even if the exact word in the query does not figure in the page. We need to focus on concepts while writing content, not just keywords. This is done by researching related searches, synonyms and co-occurring terms.

Off-Page SEO

SEO Link Building

As the first step, we will analyze your current inbound link portfolio. In the second step, using sophisticated SEO tools, we will check your competitions’ back links and select suitable sites, based on relevance and page rank. Both steps will yield an initial list of targeted list of sites for link building campaign. Our link building strategy starts with building great content that authority sites and topic-related websites would be glad to link with. We do not exchange links with link farms, or use reciprocal linking, both being of dubious value and unethical.

What is SEO

SEO can be defined as the set of techniques that improve the ranking of a website in the list of search results (Search Engine Results Page or SERP), thus increasing the volume of traffic from search engines. SEO is the most important component of your website promotion strategy. The other major component is Pay Per Click Advertising. SEO considers how search engines algorithms work to rank results. In brief, SEO work involves :

  • keyword research to discover popular search terms used by potential customers
  • website optimization – through coding, design, content, ensure that all web pages are indexed by search engines (check crawling issues
  • On-Page SEO : Optimization of URLs, page title Meta tags – description & image ALT, heading tags, markup
    Off page efforts : link building
  • Monitoring search engine ranking on targeted keywords, revisit optimization efforts
  • Web analytics : provides more information about how visitors are interacting with web pages (such as additional keywords that searchers might use to find your site, new Vs revisits, path taken, time spent)


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