The Secret Power of Facebook Audience Targeting for Ads

Reaching users has not been free for businesses on Facebook since couple of years.
Users began to complain that their News Feeds were becoming clogged up with promotional content and Facebook listened. Over the past few years Facebook has reduced the number of people who actually see a post, even if they are fans of your page.

Facebook was not quite altruistic in changing the Feeds. It saw a way to make money for itself. Since recently, because of updates to Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm, ordinary users will see less promotional content on their news feeds. In fact, only 8 percent of people who “like” your page will see a post. To reach your marketing objectives with Facebook, you need to spend on advertizing.

There are multiple ways to advertise on Facebook, including the simplest way, boosting posts. What makes advertising on Facebook are the targeting options. Two powerful features are ‘Lookalike Audience’ and `audience categories’.

Lookalike Audience

A Lookalike Audience is a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to your best existing customers. You can create a Lookalike Audience based on a data partner, your pixel data, your mobile app data or fans of your Page.
Using power of targeting in Facebook and Google Ads, a media agency helped anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) win 12.6% of the votes in recent German elections. The agency created Lookalike Audiences based on fans of AfD Facebook page. Then it paid for specific ads based on multiple groups from the lookalike audience, such as mothers. All this is quite legitimate and was done after meeting Facebook executives.

Audience categories
`Audience categories’ are based on user provided data such as the names of their employers, schools, job titles and fields of study. Facebook algorithm crawls users’ profiles, identified patterns in the data and created new audience segments based on that information.
Since it is an algorithm, it cannot make meaning out of the data or patterns. In a study, ProPublica reported that Facebook had approved ads targeted using audience categories that included “Jew hater,” “Hitler did nothing wrong” and “how to burn jews.” Sufficient number of people had typed “NaziParty” as their employer or “Jew hater” as their educational field of study on their Facebook profiles that the computer decided that these people warranted their own grouping.
Unfortunately, Facebook was not even aware that ads targeted using audience categories that included “Jew hater,” “Hitler did nothing wrong” and “how to burn jews” were approved.

After this report, Facebook has removed the ability for advertisers to target based on users’ input for four free-form text fields that were identified to be problematic: education, employment, field of study and job title.

In a related development, Facebook is facing its greatest crisis over revelations that Facebook ads were used to meddle in US elections. The Ads were bought by people with false identities and links to Kremlin.

Facebook Marketing can be used to make history. It can also win you customers.

Is your SEO Agency Helping or Harming your Website

Is your SEO Agency Helping or Harming your Website?

You may be surprised to hear this : your SEO agency can actually be hurting your website.  We have been contacted by many businesses who have invested lot of time and money, and then realize that something is going wrong. They notice that their website rankings have dropped steadily or are fluctuating wildly, or their organic traffic has been on a decline, or even worse, they do not know what their organic traffic is. SEO can be quite technical and many business owners get short changed by an SEO agency which initially had promised the moon.


What are the signs that your SEO agency is not doing its job?

1.    You do not get any monthly SEO reports
Sad, but it happens. Many clients do not get any detailed SEO reports which tells them what SEO activities were done. As a client, you should at the least get monthly SEO reports.

The agency should explain what exactly they are doing. If they refuse stating that its confidential or too technical for you, fire them fast! They well could be doing black hat (illegitimate) SEO.

You paid money and should get clear deliverables.  During the contract you should be getting:
•    An SEO audit of website
•    Analysis of your site’s link profile
•    Keywords that both parties agree to
•    Link building – what are the links to your site that have been published on other sites
•    Organic traffic comparison
•    Website optimization : titles, heading tags, etc
•    SEO optimized content


2.    They do not ask you for anything or involve you
They should ask you for the following :
•  Access to your website host server and CMS
•  Access to Google Analytics or set it up, if not done already
•  Access to Google Webmaster Tools or set it up
•  Access to social accounts or set it up
•  Both you and agency should research and agree to a list of target keywords
If they have not done this, they may be building only spammy links, which will hurt you over time.

3.    You notice drop in rankings or organic traffic
If you see a sudden drop in ranking it could be due to change in Google ranking algorithm penalizing your site or a manual penalty. The SEO activities of your agency may have led to this – ask them and investigate.

Are the keywords being targeted right for your business?

Take a hard look at the keywords ranking report. Were you involved in the initial selection of these keywords? Many SEO consultants promise top rankings on Google for keywords, but after you sign the contract, you will see that these are long tail keywords with low potential.

Ask for organic traffic reports to be sent regularly. You should be seeing steady increase in traffic compared to start of the SEO contract. The keywords reported in ranking report should be high potential keywords, the ones your customers are most likely to be using while searching online, and should indicate intent to buy.
4.    You see unnatural links to your site
If you see unnatural links to your site which were not there before then it’s a sure shot sign that black hat SEO is being done. What are unnatural links? These are :
•    High percentage of links with keywords as anchor text
•    Links from unrelated or spammy sites

You run a legitimate business and have invested valuable resources into it. You expect growth in revenues and profits; SEO done right will boost both.

Talk to Ananya SEO company in Bangalore. We will do an SEO audit and tell you how we can deliver best SEO results.

Ananya SEO Services announces a special offer for NGOs


Bangalore, India

Ananya SEO Services announced today the launch of a special program for not-for-profit organizations, and NGOs. The awareness of benefits of internet marketing, including SEO, social media and PPC, to drive relevant traffic to the website is low is social sector. This sector has needs which are different from those of business.

What makes someone make a donation, spread the word about a campaign, or volunteer? What would make your audience want to act for social change? It is an emotional connection, linking with passion for a cause. This can be distributed or promoted through stories in social media, videos, your blog, PPC ads. Adoption of a strategic digital marketing program – with clearly defined objectives, original content – makes even a small NGO compete with the biggest for attention.

Having a website and token social media presence is not enough to spread the word and help achieve objectives. What is needed a search engine friendly website which converts visitors to advocates, content marketing, engaging the community through social media and search ads.

Ananya’s digital marketing program targeted to this sector is priced at 50% discount to the standard fees. The digital marketing package for NGOs includes :

Search Engine Optimization
Social media marketing

Ananya SEO Services has worked on digital marketing with NGOs like Maya Organics in Bangalore and SERUDS in Kurnool. Maya Organic works with lacware cluster in Channapatna, Karnataka to produce high quality wooden lacware toys, handicrafts. SERUDS runs an old age home, crèche for daily workers and an orphanage.

Interested not-for-profit organizations, NGOs and MFIs may contact Ananya with a brief profile of their NGO to avail of this attractive offer.

About Ananya SEO Services
Ananya SEO Services is a leading Internet Marketing company based in Bangalore. We provide Digital Marketing Services : Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Adwords PPC Ads services.

Ananya was founded in 2009 and has clients in India, US and UK.

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Integrated Digital Marketing for SMEs

Small and Medium Business Enterprises do not have the bandwidth or resources to do full fledged Digital Marketing. They manage to maintain a website and have a token presence in social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
As a business owner or Chief Marketing Officer, you know the importance of and profit potential of marketing your business through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing (paid Ads). The big digital agencies charge a bomb and you are concerned about managing multiple small agencies or freelancers for managing the  various aspects of Digital Marketing.
Realizing the need of SMEs, Ananya SEO Services, a full service Digital Marketing Agency, offers an integrated package. It includes all the essentials of internet marketing.

digital marketing by Ananya

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :
1.    Technical SEO : indexing, duplicate content, broken links, crawl issues, mobile friendliness, site speed, sitemaps
2.    Content  SEO (on-site optimization) : Keyword discovery, keyword targeting in content, title tags, heading tags, image optimization
3.    Off-site SEO : Google My Business listing, NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) reference checks, Links Audit, Link building

Social Media Marketing (SMM)
1.    Social Media Strategy
2.    Defining & Measuring Goals
3.    Creating Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter business profiles
4.    Regular posting of engaging content
5.    Managing advertizing on these platforms through text ads and sponsored updates

Search Engine Marketing (PPC Services)

Our Adwords Services include:
•    Keyword research and selection
•    Setting up Google Adwords campaigns
•    Geo-targeting
•    Google Analytics Setup
•    Writing copy for Ads (Text Ads)
•    Landing Page Optimization
•    Conversion Tracking
•    Continuous monitoring of campaigns
•    Monthly Reporting.

The above package is offered at affordable price points and is customizable.
SEO team, Advertizing  and Social Media Marketing teams cannot work in silos. If you integrate SEO into your Content Marketing campaign, you will gain brand visibility, increased organic traffic and conversions.
Ananya SEO Company will work with you to create a plan for Integrated Digital  Marketing and execute it successfully and deliver ROI.

About Ananya SEO Services
Ananya SEO Services is a leading Internet Marketing company based in Bangalore. We provide Search Engine Marketing services : Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Adwords Advertising services. We also get small businesses online with our integrated website development and SEO at a very affordable price. Ananya was founded in 2009.

Business blogging Statistics to Help Shape Your Strategy in 2016

Business blogging is critical for your business. Maintaining a blog on your company’s website with regular posts on industry news, insights, and useful content has many benefits. This infographic on blogging statistics will motivate you to get blogging.

Benefits of blogging

• It helps drive new traffic to your website. Every time you write a blog post, it’s one more opportunity for you to show up in search engines and drive traffic to your website in organic search.Blogging also helps you get discovered via social media.
• It helps convert that traffic into leads. Just add a lead-generating call-to-action to every blog post.
• It helps establish authority. The best business blogs answer common questions their customers have. If you’re consistently creating content that’s helpful for your target customer, it’ll help establish you as an authority in your niche.

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Business Blogging Benefits

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